Mountain Planet Masterclass

The Mountain Planet Masterclass offer visitors insights into key issues facing the mountain industry now and in the future. Discover here the upcoming events for 2022:


Tuesday 26 April

9h45 - 10h - Agora
Guide and Emergency Response Plan for Work at Height
Presentation of the origin of work and its innovation in the context of working at heights. Presentation of the Emergency Response Plan for use in training and in the design of Evacuation and Rescue Operating Modes. Presentation of the Reference Guide for stakeholders
Speaker: Thierry L'HER

9h45 - 10h - Agora
CDA Management
Organizer : Compagnie des Alpes

10h - 11h - Agora
International Snowreport
Speaker: Laurent VANAT – Expert international

10h - 13h - Espace 68
General Assembly Nordic France

11h15 - 11h30 - Agora
"Boostez vos webcams"
The webcam is still the most viewed page on ski resort websites. They also provide authentic content for social networks. How to take advantage of this important audience and engage your visitors.
Speaker: Jean-Pierre CAURIER

11h30 - 11h45 - Agora
Challenges & Innovations for Mountain Cableway Companies
New outdoor attractions - such as bike parks or zip lines - and the qualification of the operational staff challenges the daily business of ropeway companies. TÜV SÜD gives an overview of the capability of innovations and certifications to manage this challenges and enable new opportunities in a safe way.
Speakers: Dr Georg Schober

11h30 - 12h30 - Espace 68
Restitution of the results of the ANMSM-G2A survey
Restitution of the results of the ANMSM-G2A survey on the behaviour of customers after a health crisis.
Organizer : ANMSM

11h45 - 12h - Agora
A new vision of the mountain thanks to augmented reality
Discover a new vision of the mountain and follow your sports data live in your field of vision thanks to the engo smartglasses powered by ActiveLook. Technology serves performance, safety and comfort.
Speakers : Marjolaine ROCHE ARDEVOL

11h45 - Hall JM
Domaines Skiables de France Press Office
Organizer : DSF

12h - 13h - Hall JM
Inauguration of the Pavillon Collectif Savoie Touch

13h - 17h - Espace 68
SUERA Event Action Group 2 Subgroup "Tourism"
Organizer : SUERA

14h - 14h45 - Agora
Digitalizing the tourist offering: A cornerstone for the future of mountains.
With the widespread digitalization of services, the customer journey begins months before arriving at the resort. From the identification of the destination to the means of transport, as well as bookings and rentals, many services can be anticipated. The other part of a customer journey is played out on site with new offers at destinations that help meet the changing expectations of customers. New imperatives are emerging that resort marketing must anticipate.
Moderator: Armelle SOLELHAC
Speakers : Olivier REYNAUD (AIVE) & Jeremie NOYREY ( Monsé - Guillaume DELAGE (HUBWISER) - Antoine FAYARD (E LIBERTY)

14h - 15h30 - Espace 68
Isère Attractivité conference : Tourism in the mountains: what approaches for change in Isère?
Moderator : Mathias Virilli
Speakers : Emmanuelle Georges (Researcher in territorial economy - National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (INRAE)), Colombe Buévoz (Town planner, Director of Territories studies, Head of the Strategies, Territories & Mountains framework - Grenoble Region Town Planning Agency (AURG), Naïma Riberolles (Acting Director - Isère Attractivité), Martine Chaligné (Director - Association pour la Formation des Ruraux aux Activités de Tourisme (AFRAT)), Solenne Bobier (Project Manager - Education, Youth and Sports Department, Isère)

15h - Espace 68
Inauguration of the Grenoble Alpes collective stand

15h - 15h45 - Agora
High-end and luxury mountains hotels: what are the guests new expectations? What are the best practices? What trends for the future?
Moderator: Armelle SOLELHAC
Speakers: Laurent CHELLE ( Friendly hotel Collection) & Eric DARDE ( Beaumier Group)

15h - 17h - Espace 68
Famille Plus ANMSM meeting
Organizer: ANMSM

15h - 19h - Espace 68
OITAF Steering Committee
Organizer: OITAF

16h - Hall JM
A moment of conviviality on the ALPES ISHERE stand
Organizer : ALPES ISHERE

16h30 - Hall JM
Inauguration of the Alpes Is Here stand

16h30 - 18h30 - Espace 68
A moment of conviviality on the ALPES ISHERE stand

Wednesday 27 April

8h30 - Hall JM
H+Sport Partner Club
Organizer : La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpesn

9h - 13h - Auditorium Prouvé
Cableways - top level of safety
Organizer : Domaines Skiables de France

9h - 12h30 - Espace 68
Valleys lifts - Urban cable
The cable, a virtuous alternative (100% electric) to automobile transport (cars, buses, trams, etc.) in the valleys, in cities and between cities.
- The cable, a high-performance technology to deal with the problems of crossing, opening up and networking.
- The cable, a space-saving technology (limited land area, energy saving)
Moderator : Jean Hirigoyen pour Le Chaînon Manquant
speakers : Fabrice Pannekoucke, Gilles Delèze

9h30 - 9h45 - Agora
Presentation of the Android app "Book Secours"
Pointing out the differences between filing an injury form with and without the use of the application "BookSecours".It will highlight the pros of the use of the "BookSecours" (offline mode, predefined lists, avoiding the double form filing and thus freeing time for managing unpaid invoices, adding digital medias to the form, multilingual).
Speakers: REGIE DES SAISIES - Philippe CLOCHEY - Chef d'exploitation pistes TRINUM - Jean-Marie COVET - Responsable d'activité Directeview

9h45 - 10h - Agora
Teufelberger-Redaelli Continuous Automatic Rope Monitoring
2 rope monitoring technologies will be presented. The first one includes the instrument to continuously measure the rope's geometry, whereas the second one includes the rotation and vibration analysis of a running rope.
Speaker: Muhammad Najih Amin

10h - 11h - Agora
40 years of winter sports : the hidden face of data ?
Winter sports are at a turning point. In order to be able to envisage the future, it is important to understand the history and the fundamental mechanics. By bringing together several sets of data, some unpublished and others little used in this context, we will explain the short- and medium-term evolution of the rate of French people going to winter sports. We cover a period of more than 4 decades, and will evaluate the impact of the major trends and events that have marked the era and society. By taking various and sometimes surprising angles, we will use the explanatory factors to project ourselves into the future.
Speaker: Willy FUX - LHM Marketing et Conseils

10h - 12h - Espace 68
ANMSM Board of Directors
Organizer : ANMSM

11h - Hall JM
Workshop "Para-sports in the mountains"
Organizer : La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

11h - 12h30 - Agora
Sustainability for sports and tourism in mountain territories. What’s new in the laboratories ?
Speakers : Thibault DAUDIGEOS, Emmanuelle GEORGE & Nico Didry

11h - 12h30 - Espace 68
ANPNC General Assembly
Organizer : Joël Retailleau

11h - 12h30 - Agora
Sustainability for sports and tourism in mountain territories. What’s new in the laboratories ?
Come and discover the latest research on the field of the sustainability of mountain territories: economy, environment and society.
Speakers: Pierre-François ADAM, Thibault DAUDIGEOS : Circular economy in mountain

12h - 13h - Hall JM
Presentation of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Courchevel / Méribel 2023
Speaker : Perrine PELEN et Fabrice Pannekoucke

12h - Hall JM
MND press briefing
Organizer : MND

12h30 - 13h - Hall JM
Cimes Durables Trophy
Organizer: ANMSM

13h - 14h - Agora
A Flocon Vert falls on the Alps!
The Green Snowflake is both a label and an approach to progress.
It aims to initiate and structure the ecological transition of mountain resorts by involving the stakeholders in the area. It also gives the general public a clear vision of the mountain tourist destinations that are committed.
On 27 April, we will have the honour of awarding the 13th Flocon Vert trophy. On this occasion, we will review the various issues surrounding this approach and the actions carried out by the actors of this destination.
Speaker : Camille REY-GORREZ (Directrice Mountain Riders)

14h - Regional stand
Signature of the Intent Protocol for an accessible mountain, Stand 701 Aisle 7

14h - 17h - Espace 68
Isère Attractivité
Private meeting

14h - 14h45 - Agora
How does the environment fall into the strategy for mountain destinations?
Accessibility to mountain destinations, transportation within the resort, development of new areas for winter or summer activities and management and use of water resources: The ecosystem of mountain resorts is at the crossroads of many environmental issues. Sector players will be led to reflect on whether their activities will be acceptable in the future or not. For decades, mountain operators have demonstrated their legitimacy in managing and developing territories. Their commitment to an eco-responsible approach to meet the challenges of change is reflected in a wide range of actions throughout the world.
Moderator: Marie Hélène BOISSIEUX
Speakers: Pierre VOLLAIRE pour SMART ALTITUDE ( EUROPE) & Titti RODLING – SLAO ( Sweden) - Rick SCHMITZ - NSAA (USA) - Dominique THILLAUD - CDA ( FRA)

14h30 - Hall JM
Météo France/ANMSM agreement signed
Organizer: ANMSM

14h45 - Stand 1023, Aisle 1
Speaker: M. Jean Souchal, Président du Directoire POMA, M. Bernard Front, Président et Mme Perrine Pellen, Directrice générale

15h - 15h45 - Agora
The mountain destinations business models transition: why and how to do it?
Moderator: Armelle SOLELHAC
Speakers: Berno STOFFEL -Grächen ( Suisse) & Olve Norderhaug – Trysil ( Norvège)

15h30 - Hall JM
Workshop EasyPOC
Organizer : La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

15h45 - 16h - Agora
Toilets in mountains: How to provide best user experience at minimum costs?
Toilets everywhere and for everyone, even in the mountains, thanks to Sanisphere's ecological and autonomous toilets, a concentrate of technology based on nature itself and the latest novelty: a service that involves citizens in cleaning!
Speaker: Armel Segretain

16h - 16h15 - Agora
ON PISTE: Rossignol offers a new app for sportsmen and territories
In a very competitive or even saturated market for tracking apps, what innovation and positioning does Rossignol offer with its On Piste app?
Speaker: Alison Lacroix

16h - 18h - Espace 68
Organizer : ANMSM Nivo-Meteo meeting

16h30 - 16h45 - Agora
Drones for safety in the mountains
Creation of the very first drones pilot and operations training academy in the mountains, in collaboration between Belleville Valley resort and PATROLAIR
Speakers : Antoine Fleischmann, Benjamin Blanc

16h30 - 16h45 - Agora
ClimSnow - PROSNOW - TipSnow: services for ski areas resulting from scientific research.
The merging of scientific research on weather, climate and snow and tourist engineering in ski areas has made it possible to develop decision-making tools to anticipate the strategic choices to be made in the short, medium and long term (snow management, preparation of slopes, master planning). This approach has led to the creation of the ClimSnow, PROSNOW and TipSnow services.
Speaker: Carlo CARMAGNOLA

16h45 - 17h
Smart mountain resort connected and 4 seasons
The design or the redesign of the Smart Mountain Resorts, connected and open all year. integrated, sustainable and global vision of architecture, urbanism, energy, ecology, and tourist offer in the mountain resorts.
Speaker : Laurent Gaillard, Aktis Architecture urbanisme et paysage

Thursday 28 April

8h - 9h - Espace 68
AFMONT General Assembly
Organizer : AFMONT

9h30 - 13h30 - Espace 68
Challenge Canopée + presentation of the CANOPEE trophies + FCBA Conference: Presentation of research work representative of FCBA's actions for the wood industry
The FCBA Institute of Technology, the Industrial Technical Centre for the wood industry, conducts numerous research projects for the benefit of the industry, from forestry to the development of living spaces, including construction and green chemistry.
A presentation of some representative work, completed or in progress, will enable everyone to identify the subjects that concern them so that they can approach FCBA and complete, or start, their R&D approach.

10h - 12h - Espace 68
Meeting of the Olympic cities of the winter games - COLJOG
Organizer: COLJOG

10h - 12h - Espace 68
ANEM conference
Organizer ANEM

10h30 - Stand 1023, Aisle 1
Signature of the MICHELIN - POMA Partnership
Speaker : M. Jean Souchal, Président du Directoire POMA, M. Patrice Kefalas, Directeur de l'innovation et des partenariats MICHELIN

11h - 12h - Hall JM
Eco damage awards

12h - 12h30 - Hall JM
Closing cocktail with Stéphanie PERNOD, 1st Vice-President of the Region
Organizer : La Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

14h - 16h - Espace 68
ANENA General Assembly
Organizer : ANENA

14h - 14h45 - Agora
Recruiting new customers in the mountains: An immediate and long-term challenge
Renewing the skier customer base is a genuine challenge, but the future of mountain tourism will not be written solely through the classic prism of winter sports. The health and climate crisis have brought old and new challenges for tourist areas to the forefront. How can we invite more children and adults to embrace a lifelong relationship with this environment and its many qualities? How can we promote our territories as a snow sports destination, a multi-season outdoor sports playground, and a place to recharge your batteries, be one with nature, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, and even work remotely? What are the keys and best practices to find new enthusiasts, regardless of age, and turn them into loyal recruits for both summer and winter?
Moderator: Willy FUX
Speakers: Yves JUNEAU pour ASSQ QUEBEC ( CAN) - Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz pour Kidsandfunconsulting (AUT) - Fabrice PANNECOUCKE pour Auvergne Rhône Alpes Tourisme ( FRA) - Yoichi GOTO

15h - 16h - Agora
FIBOIS AURA conference on wood construction and renovation in the mountains
Speaker : Sarah Viricel (Lieux FAUVES)