How to renew your clientele: A challenge for the future

In a preview, the international expert, Laurent Vanat, presents his international report on snow and mountain tourism. This report draws up an assessment of the current attractiveness of the mountains. The challenge is to conquer and convert newcomers into avid skiers, snow sports enthusiasts or simply mountain lovers. Whether they are described as mature or emerging, all winter sports destinations on the planet have this challenge in mind. Every ski area operator, every manager, every employee, every industry partner and every athlete can contribute through their actions to make the mountain the destination of the decades to come.

Discover the speakers

Laurent VANAT

Business Management Consultant - Expert on the international tourism and ski market, SWITZERLAND

Simon PAGÉ

Director, Customer Experience Sommet Saint-Sauveur Director, Ski schools Les Sommets, CANADA


Mountain Sports Marketing & Technology Savant, USA

Valeria GHEZZI

President of the ANEF (National institution for Cable cars and skilifts in Italy), ITALY