Wednesday 27 April / 9h00 - 12h00 Espace 68 Conferences

the Cable, a transport of the future

Valleys lifts and urban devices

It is proposed to take stock of the Valleys lifts programme through the testimonies of project leaders who will share their experiences and all the technical and administrative steps they have mastered. Examples from abroad and from other mountain ranges will also be presented so that the elected representatives, decision-makers and professionals present professionals present to learn about good practice in favour of intermodality . Technically and economically, the customer journey will also be addressed in order to simplify, secure and fluidify access to mountain sites and resorts in order to avoid load breaks, which makes it imperative to have one or more local car parks. Finally, this year, new urban cable transport facilities are being commissioned, and a review will be made of this technologically virtuous mobility solution and the improvements madeimprovements in terms of sustainable development.