Prospectives and innovation to respond to future challenges

By bringing together numerous collaborators, Mountain Planet defines itself as the trade show for planning the future of mountain development. Presenting the latest innovations, providing a platform for debates, Mountain Planet is the trade show where the sector’s issues are outlined and explored. The 900 exhibiting brands present their fresh ideas, giving a real insight into the talent of the mountain industry’s 16 different sectors: ski lifts, snow-making equipment, safety, leisure, environment, transport… Diverse conferences and panel discussions, amplified by international exchanges, put forward the most innovative ideas and the bold thinking on all of the future subjects for the sector.

Key figures

66% of visitors come to Mountain Planet to discover the innovations and new products
92% of visitors are satisfied with the innovations presented on the fair

Tomorrow’s innovations, from today

Innovation book

Introducing the latest ideas; available to visitors, the innovation guide presents the exhibitor’s innovation: products, services, technology….

Innovation Book 2020
Mountain Planet app

The application allows visitors to quickly and easily find the exhibitors. It showcases key moments, masterclass and practical information. Optimize your time and your visit by downloading the app.

Respond to future challenges

Three Mountain Planet Masterclass covering major issues in tomorrow’s mountain industry :

How to renew your clientele: A challenge for the future

The challenge of sustainable development for future-oriented resorts

New challenges in the customer journey: creating the mountain experience