Mutation and evolution of the economic model of the ski resorts: a question of culture and altitude?

To face the future, to face the changes in consumption patterns and new expectations from both French and international customers, ski area operators must adapt.

Mountain Planet gives the floor to operators who have moved to a global approach to the customer experience, all year long, by evolving their offers and business models and having a helicopter view.



CEO Wanda Indoor SkI, China

Graduated from the UK’s Manchester Metropolitan University. YI Li was once a professional football player as a teenager and a member of the Youth team of Stockport County Football Club.

In 2O06 YI returned to China after graduation and joined in the preparation and construction work of Dolomiti Ski Resort, the first foreign-funded ski resort, and became one of the practitioners for China’s skiing industrial construction.

YI has worked in several operating positions of the skiing resort, studied and worked in Italian and Swiss skiing fields for a long term, and successively gained the Swiss coach qualification of national level and professional European ski maintenance certificate.

In 2015, YI formally entered in Wanda Performance Cultural Management, being responsible for preparation and business starting work of Harbin Wanda Theme Park.


General Manager, Corralco Resort de Montaña, Chile

Lugar y Fecha de Nacimiento: Connecticut, USA, 6 de marzo, 1958
Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
Cedula Identidad: 9.195.311-0
Estado Civil: Casado
Idiomas: Inglés y Español


Soc. Desarrollo de Montañas SA / Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort
Junio 2014 - presente
Gerente General : Responsable para administración y asesoría en las áreas de hotelería, montaña y desarrollo; responsable de todo los aspectos del negocio, incluyendo las áreas de administración, finanzas, operaciones y comercial.

THE CLIFFS PRESERVE at Patagonia / Hotelera Rio Frio SpA
Septiembre 2009 - presente
Propietario / Gerente General: Empresa responsable para administración y asesoría en las áreas de hotelería, inmobiliaria, desarrollo y conservación; responsable de todo los aspectos del negocio, incluyendo las áreas de administración, finanzas, operaciones y comercial. Representante Legal de empresa de inversiones inmobiliarias con una visión de desarrollo integral de una de los predios más emblemáticos de la X región.

Mayo 2006 – Septiembre 2009
Gerente de Proyecto: Responsable por “start-up” de empresa de hotelería y servicios; planificación, presupuesto y operación completa de The Cliffs Preserve at Patagonia, resort de eco-lujo ubicado en la X región.

Noviembre 2000 – Marzo 2006
Gerente General de Operaciones: Liderar desarrollo del Plan Maestro del resort, asociado con las empresas Ecosign y Senarq en procesos de Evaluación Técnica, Planificación y diseño de pistas y andariveles, Planificación y Ordenación de interfaz entre base área y montaña, Ordenación del Territorio y diseño general del resort. Responsable para presupuesto, planificación, operación y administración del más completo centro invernal de Chile.
Enero 1998 - Noviembre 2000
Director Comercial: Crear departamento comercial incluyendo áreas de ventas, marketing, retail y reservas. Desarrollar exitosamente planes de marketing, promoción y ventas diseñadas a aumentar la cantidad de visitantes, tanto nacionales como extranjeros, de día y de destinación.

Octubre 1995 - Enero 1998
Gerente Comercial: Responsable de marketing, ventas, promoción y retail, asegurando la continuidad y posicionamiento de un producto sin comparación en el mercado del cono sur.
Junio 1983 - Octubre 1995 (Inviernos Sudamericanos)
Director, Escuela de Ski: Liderar un equipo de hasta 60 individuos, buscando crear para el resort embajadores y emprendedores capaces de lograr fidelidad entre el huésped y el resort. Responsable de agregar valor a la experiencia de los huéspedes y entregar un resultado financiero positivo a la empresa.

Octubre 1988 – Octubre 1995 (Inviernos Norteamericanos)
Gerente Servicios al Esquiador: Responsable para la planificación, operación y rentabilidad de un equipo de más de 350 personas relacionadas con las áreas de escuela de ski, competición y servicio al cliente de un centro invernal contando con aprox. 1 millón de visitantes por temporada.

Octubre 1983 – Octubre 1988 (Inviernos Norteamericanos)
Director, Escuela de Ski: Responsable de liderar un equipo de 150 instructores de ski y snowboard, asegurando que cada cliente sea contagiado con una pasión para deportes invernales.

1976- 1980 University of New Haven, CT, - Criminal Justice Administration
1985 Universidad de Vermont, diploma en “SBA, Small Business Administration”
1999 Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez – diploma en “Marketing de Servicios”
Asistencia en numerosos seminarios de emprendimiento, gestión de calidad, liderazgo y marketing
1964 – 1976 Saint Gabriel’s Catholic School, Windsor, CT, USA

Ex-Director, CANALES, Consejo Empresarial de la Educación, Ex-Director, Visit Puerto Varas; Ex-Directorio, Corporación de Promoción Turística de Chile.
Director, Camara de Turismo, Malalcahuello, Chile
Director, ACESKI, Asociación de Centros de Ski De Chile A.G.
Fundador, ENISSCHAG, Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Ski y Snowboard de Chile
Ex - examinador PSIA – W,E Proffessional Ski Instructors of Amercia

Compromiso incansable a lograr metas; profesional; excelente “team player”. Comprometido con una larga y activa vida.

Casado con Alejandra Zunza R., hijos, Sarah, David y Josefina

Disponible a petición.


Deputy Chief Executive of Compagnie des Alpes

Born on 19 June 1974, Agnès Pannier-Runacher is a graduate of HEC, Cologne University, ENA and IEP Paris.

She started her career as an Inspector of Finance at the Ministry of Finance in 2000. After spending three years as Chief of Staff at Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris from 2003 to 2006, responsible for economic and financial management, she was appointed as Deputy Director of Finance and Strategy and Head of Equity and Development at Caisse des Dépôts Group in September 2006.

At the end of 2008 she was involved in setting up the Fonds Stratégique d’Investissement (FSI) and became a member of its Executive Committee, where she was responsible for managing an investment portfolio, as well as for financial management and the portfolio strategy.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher left to join Faurecia Interior Systems at the end of 2011, where she was appointed as Head of the R&D Division for Tata-Jaguar Land Rover, GM Europe and Volvo.

In 2013, Agnès Pannier-Runacher was appointed Executive Vice President of Compagnie des Alpes (CDA). In this context, she launches the ``Very Great Satisfaction`` strategy focused on customer experience and team commitment, a strategy aimed at accelerating growth and improving the performance of leisure sites. At the same time, she accelerates the digitization of sales and customer relationships. Lastly, she contributes to the development and rationalization of the Group through the signing of partnerships, the sale of certain sites and her commitment in international development, particularly in Asia. At the end of 2017, CDA achieved a year in advance its growth and performance objectives.

Since 2003, Agnès Pannier-Runacher has held around 20 corporate and non-governmental organization mandates. She is now an independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Bourbon (since 2009) and Elis (since 2014). She is also a board member of APRR and Cryptolog (electronic signature), as well as of the Advisory Board of Ashoka France and of the Board of Directors of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation.


Director of Mountain Resorts Development, Mountain Resorts of Georgia

Mr. Aleksandre Onoprishvili is a Director of Mountain Resorts Development Company of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia since 2013. The company is in charge of the development of all mountain ski resorts of Georgia: Gudauri, Bakuriani (Didveli, Kokhta, Mitarbi), Goderdzi and Mestia (Hatsvali and TeTnuldi). The main field of company activity includes management of mountain ski-resorts, realization of infrastructural projects including ski lifts’ and sport facilities‘construction, development of mountain tourism infrastructure, bringing novelties for this sectors etc.
He is also a Vice President of Ice Climbing Federation of Georgia from 2007 and part of Georgia Mountaineers’ National Federation since 2004. He has climbed the Mount Kazbeg, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc and many other mountain peaks.

Day: Thursday 19th April 2018.

Place: Agora area, alley.

Time: from 14h to 14h45.

Animator: Sébastien MITTELBERGER, Montagne Expansion.