In 2024, Mountain Planet marks a significant milestone with its 50th anniversary.
Stay tuned for more details on our peak events!

Mountain Planet is not just an exhibition space for major mountain industry players; it is a hub of knowledge with its curated editorial content, insightful conferences, expert-led masterclasses, and networking events designed for professionals to connect in a relaxed atmosphere after the day's activities.

Mountain Planet Pitches

Give your business visibility

Case studies, new and innovative solutions, customer testimonials… develop your pitching skills at Mountain Planet. For three days, our conference space for up to 80 people becomes a veritable hub for exchange, debate, and progress.

Reserved for exhibitors, in a studious yet friendly setting, the “Mountain Planet pitches” are a unique opportunity for ambassadors of the brands present at the show to present and promote their new products and technical solutions in front of customers and prospects.

Fun, dynamic and participative, the "pitch" format is a communication exercise designed to convince and impress in a limited time. The story must therefore be short, well-built, and impactful. It's not for nothing that the concept originated in the film industry to promote American blockbusters!

The pitch for “Mountain Planet pitches”

  • A short 10 min. format including: a presentation and exchanges with the audience
  • A stage equipped with sound and video-projection, with pitch video filmed live provided
  • Simultaneous ttranslation
  • Coaching before your pitch to increase impact
  • Access to the list of attendees
  • The best pitches broadcast after the show on our website, social networks, press releases…

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The Mountains are Recruiting

Job dating Thursday, April 18, 2024 from 12 to 5 p.m.

Take advantage of your time at Mountain Planet to recruit! Recruiting new talent is one of today’s challenges if we are to ensure the sustainability of tomorrow’s mountain activities. For many professionals, especially in the mountain sector, expectations are high. So, to support you in your search for talent, Mountain Planet has teamed up with #jenesuisPASunCV, a collective that’s shaking up recruitment practices.

An opportunity reserved for exhibitors

Exhibiting companies can take part in our “Job Dating” on Thursday April 18 from 12 to 5pm at the Mountain Planet show at Alpexpo – Grenoble.

Please note, only the first 21 applications will be selected.

To optimize this event, we’ll be setting up a dedicated 236m2 space. Right next to the Agora, some twenty companies, represented by human resources managers and department heads, will be presenting their offers. They will be accompanied by six to eight recruitment professionals from #jenesuisPASunCV and France Travail, responsible for guiding candidates looking for positions in the mountain industry. Their mission: to welcome, coach, and support candidates.

To make this event a success, we invite exhibiting companies to send us their detailed job offers in advance of the event.

An ethical and inclusive approach to recruitment

The multidisciplinary team at #jenesuisPASunCVaims to “decompartmentalize employment in France”, notably by fighting discrimination in hiring. Their philosophy: “recruit differently—beyond qualifications, age, origin, skin color, disability—and highlight human qualities, motivation, and interpersonal skills”.

This positioning is perfectly in line with Mountain Planet’s values. This initiative is designed for anyone looking for a job, retraining, or just a new challenge. Students are also welcome and registration is completely free for all applicants.

Everyone can take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the different sectors of activity, and visit the booths of companies that are recruiting, to learn more about what the do, who they are, what they are offering, and meet the teams present at the event.

As a prelude to this event, we invite all Mountain Planet exhibitors to join us in the Agora on Thursday, April 18, from 9:15 to 10 a.m. They will be able to attend a conference led by Yann Bustos, @jenesuisPASunCV Development Director, on how to recruit differently to boost attractiveness.