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Showcase your innovations and sustainable solutions

Innovation is at the heart of Mountain Planet. Join us and contribute to shaping the future of mountain landscapes.

76% of visitors come to discover the innovations and new products.

Our exhibitor-only offer includes:

  • The Innovation Book, the guide to innovation by Mountain Planet
  • The Mountain Planet Pitches: Case studies presented at the agora in the middle of the show floor
  • The start-up village
  • The transitions village
  • The energy transitions village
  • The mobility village
  • Building renovation
  • Hydrogen in the mountains


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Start-up village

Call for expressions of interest

“French Tech in the Alps”, “Alpes Tourisme Lab” and “Le Village by CA” are partners of the Mountain Planet Show. Are you a start-up looking to showcase your technological innovations for the mountains? Seize this chance to be part of the Start-Up Village at our forthcoming show. Complete and return the application before February 14, to the following addresses:, and

Start-ups will be selected on the basis of the completed application form.

Start-up Village


This year, Mountain Planet celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark this symbolic anniversary, the team came up with the idea of honoring innovative exhibitors with the Mountain Planet Trophies.

An opportunity to offer a distinction to innovative companies, operators, and managers of ski areas and mountain regions in France and abroad.

Awards will be given in various categories:

  • Mobility
  • Biodiversity / Sustainability
  • Diversification
  • Tourism</li
  • Digital / Customer journey

We also wanted to add a Jury’s Favorite.


The winners will be announced in their presence at the Mountain Planet Trophies awards ceremony: 50 years of Innovation", to be held on Thursday April 18 from noon to 1pm in the Agora area of the show.

Drone Village

New for 2024

By bringing together renowned companies such as I-TECH, ARTECH’DRONE, INSTADRONE, ALLUMEE, and AIR COURTAGE, this physical space on the show floor will be the hub of innovation and expertise in the field of professional drones. Interest in these aerial technologies is also present within major groups such as EDF, present at the drone village, which attributes significant importance to the creation of a dedicated drone section within its general technical department.

These technologies are not limited to surveillance and mapping but also offer crucial solutions for mountain safety. Thanks to their thermal cameras and agility, drones have become valuable allies in risk prevention and the search for people in distress.

Furthermore, the drone village explores new avenues, such as the creation of environmentally friendly light shows, thus demonstrating the incredible versatility and potential of drones in varied fields such as safety, entertainment, and environmental preservation.

Significantly, state services, civil security, and police have also invested in the use of drones, employing them for surveillance, search, and rescue missions in the mountains. This initiative underscores the growing importance of drones in public safety operations and their ability to save lives in emergency situations in the mountains.