Ariane Martin


A brand new agency for responsible innovation. We help businesses and territories integrate sustainability at the heart of your strategy as a lever for creating value. #CSR Consulting #Training# Foresight #Facilitation

Daughter of an oceanographer, I grew up in close contact with nature at the heart of a family of passionate scientists who transmitted their wonder to me, gave me the first keys to understanding the major principles of ecology, and thus awakened my consciousness to the complexity of environmental issues. As a business school student, I presented my thesis on “Sustainable Development, a performance lever for companies.” A topic somewhat removed from the concerns of the time. For 20 years, I explored other subjects related to marketing and business development mainly for semi-public structures. Self-taught and always with a thirst for learning, I trained myself in various project management & leadership tools to develop agility and cooperation within teams with the desire to initiate change management in companies. At 40, and certified in facilitation, I experimented with innovation design and collective intelligence processes with a furious desire: to put these skills at the service of companies to support the cultural transformation of organizations and business models in light of global challenges. Inspired by living strategies, I created Into the Wild, a brand new agency for responsible innovation.
At the crossroads between the think tank approach and the CSR consultancy, we “design” collaborative support paths by relying on solid frameworks that mix:
– Regulatory approach #CSRD,
– Collective intelligence & innovation processes #DESIGN THINKING,
– Certification #BCORP: a demanding and committed label serving an equitable, inclusive, and regenerative economy.
With the ambition to provide modeling tools to co-construct, steer your impact strategy, and give your stakeholders the power to engage.
Today, I continue the development of the agency with beautiful cooperations:
• I assist businesses and territories in integrating sustainability at the heart of their strategy as a lever for creating value.
• I co-lead a training session on the fundamentals of CSRD dedicated to the Exco and/or CSR project team to take ownership of the methodology and integrate it into their CSR strategy.
• I am a facilitator for the Convention of Companies for the Climate.
• I co-lead for the GEM Innovation Laboratory & the Territories in Transition Chair, a Design Thinking course called the transition catalyst aimed at mobilizing territorial actors around a so-called “complex” issue and initiating “innovative” projects. Our 2024 topic is “How to make ZNA (Zero Net Artificialization), an opportunity for territorial regeneration”
• I speak at the University of Grenoble’s Masters of Accounting and Master of Transition Design sections on CSR & CSRD themes.