Thursday 18 April / 14h15 - 15h15 Agora Conferences

 CSRD, A Structuring Tool to Build Your CSR Strategy 

Applicable from 1 January 2024, the aim of this new European regulation is to integrate sustainability into companies’ business models in order to speed up adaptation to global challenges and anticipate the socio-economic changes that companies will have to face in the future.
The CSRD, which stands for Corporate Sustainability Report Directive, replaces the DPEF (Déclaration de Performance Extra-financière, or Extra-Financial Performance Declaration) by proposing a precise and demanding reference framework for harmonising extra-financial reporting in order to assess the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) performance of companies.
But beyond the regulatory and mandatory nature of the publication, the CSRD is a real revolution in its approach to supporting companies in their transformation and the deployment of their CSR policy.
Whether you are directly subject to the directive, or indirectly through funding bodies or as a stakeholder in the companies concerned, or whether you wish to anticipate the CSRD, this round table will provide you with the 1st keys to reading the regulations to enrich your thinking and thematic testimonies to shed light on the priority subjects with :

– The integration of CSRD and in-house management of energy, transport and resources, with Peggy Deutsch, Managing Director of Conductix Wampfler.

– Decarbonisation, the CSRD’s 1st transition plan,