Thursday 18 April / 10h00 - 11h00 Agora Conferences

Economic Diversification of Mountain Areas

Climate change is the new paradigm we are all committed to for several generations. Beyond the already initiated touristic diversification in the mountains to reduce valleys’ dependency on ski-related revenues, the entire development model of the valleys needs to be re-evaluated and transformed. The goal is to anticipate and gradually prepare transitions within the area, combining high-altitude resorts and valleys. The renewal of small urban and rural centers at the heart of our valleys, objectives of food and energy sovereignty, or the new industrial territories and green reindustrialization are all opportunities to diversify mountain territories. Our institutional environment is now greatly decentralized, conferring broad responsibilities to local actors, both institutional and economic. Some have already embarked on this new path, especially Alpine companies engaged in the Climate Business Convention. This round table highlights the inspiring decisions and actions of institutional representatives or local economic actors.